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What Is a Penis Pump?

Penis pump is an innovative invention in the sphere of erectile dysfunction relief technologies. This device is constructed in a way that makes it possible to get and keep an erection. And this erection is sufficient for the satisfactory completion of a sexual encounter.
Penis pumps belong to the modern forward-looking options which help the men overcome disappointing erectile dysfunction manifestations. These devices assist in obtaining a firm erection which happens naturally without any pharmaceutical aid and painful invasive techniques.
The constructional design of the manhood pump is intuitively comprehensible. It implies the availability of an acrylic cylinder, constriction ring, and a pumping plunger. It’s possible to power the pumps by hand or use the battery-powered devices. Inside the pump device, the sucking force emerges. And this force is what makes the penis erect.

How to Select Penis Pumps

If you aspire to select and purchase one of the penis pumps for tackling the problem of erectile dysfunction, you shouldn’t get a prescription from your healthcare provider. However, it would be much better if you inform your doctor about your desire to try the pumping for ED treatment.

The healthcare practitioner can give you a sound advice concerning the type of pump which will be great exactly for you. Also, only the medical expert is aware of your current state of health in general and erectile dysfunction degree in particular. And of course, the healthcare practitioner will recommend only the well-reputed pump manufacturers which have already proved to be honest and customer-caring providers of the best-working penis pumps.

To the contrary, the purchase of the pumping device from the dishonest manufacturer can result in allergies and even server penile injuries. In this case, you will not only get ED relief, but also may substantially worsen the state of your erectile function. That’s why you should be very attentive when choosing the ED-curing pump.

What Is the Mechanism of Action?

Penis pumps can work due to the possibility of vacuum generation inside the device cylinder.
Cylinder is constructed in a way that enables the creation and maintenance of the negative pressure inside the device. Such pressure is required for pulling the manhood outwards. Since vacuum produces a strong force, the increased amount of blood is encouraged to rush into the penis.

It means that the higher blood amount that noticeably exceeds the blood amount typically supplied into the manhood is enough to provide both penis size increase and ability to attain an erection.

The constriction band or ring available in the penis pumps is applied to make sure that the pump tightly adjoins the manhood and doesn’t slip off. Also, this structural part is responsible for the enhancement of the vacuum effects.

It means that the sucking action provided by the device is a backbone of its mechanism of action that ensures great efficacy and high level of satisfaction.

Types of Penis Pumps

The rapidly developing industry makes the manufacturers of penis pumps search for the new ways to improve their devices and offer their customers more opportunities to uninterruptedly enjoy their sex life.
But regardless of all innovations in the construction and design, there are the following major types of the pumps for manhood:

  • Air-based pumps: This kind of pumps is in fact a predecessor of all devices intended for the penis pumping which now exist on the market. The construction of these devices implies that there is just air inside the cylinder. By sucking out the air of the cylinder, you subject your manhood to the vacuum force. The simplicity of air-based pump action has not only advantages, but also some crucial disadvantages. Since it’s not easy to keep control over the vacuum force inside the device, this force may even harm your penis. Thus, the development of blisters and the injuries of penile blood vessels are possible.
  • Water-based pumps: The invention of hydro pumps 10 years ago became a revolutionary event in their realm. When these penis pumps were put on sale, they started to quickly replace air-based devices because the efficacy and safety of these hydro devices went far beyond the boldest expectations. These highly advanced devices don’t imply the application of vacuum to urge more blood to fill the manhood.

    To the contrary, water substituted air. The water generates pressure required for the adequate delivery of blood to the penis. Moreover, such devices ensure the uniformity of pressure as opposed to air-based devices which frequently create air pockets. But the greatest advantage of water-based devices is of course their tender action that brings the risk of injuries almost to the naught.

As for the type of operation, it’s also possible to distinguish 2 types of penis pumps:

  • Manual pumps: This type of pumps was the very first one launched to the market. And nowadays, these devices are the most widespread among the users since such pumps cause no difficulties in operation and feature an optimal safety level. Though since the time of invention there were almost no amendments in design of such devices, the quality of materials used for manufacturing the pumps grew substantially. These devices don’t cost too much. You don’t need to purchase batteries to start a pumping session. This option suits the requirements of the beginners most of all.
  • Battery powered pumps. As the name suggests, you have to insert the batteries into the device in order to use it. Since the batteries are available, you shouldn’t spend too much time by generating vacuum. It means that you can cut the time which you need to reach your goals.

    However, the disappointing drawback of this type of pumps is the exertion of excessive pressure to the manhood which is fraught with penile tissue damage. Such penis pumps are a godsend for the aging men and the men suffering from musculoskeletal medical conditions and problems with coordination.

Penis Pumps Side Effects

The men who use the top-notch penis pumps typically don’t face the pumping-related side effects. That’s because the manufacturers of such devices choose the most innovative technologies and high-quality materials for making their intimate products.

The medical experts researched the most advanced pumps available on the market and came to the conclusion that their structural design and mechanism of action is really safe and effective. Also, the authoritative dermatologists tested the materials from which the manufacturers produce the penis pumps. And according to the results of different tests, these materials don’t cause allergies to the delicate penile skin.

Also, the pumps can’t injure your genitals unless you overrate your strength and apply to much sucking force to your manhood. In this case, you may experience the following unpleasant effects:

  • Petechiae: This is the most widespread negative consequence of pump overuse. It implies capillary bleeding which happens under the manhood skin. So, if you see tiny red dots on your member, you deal with petechiae.
  • Numb Feeling and Changes in Penile Skin Color: Penis can become numb and change it color from normal to blue one. This happens if the constriction ring is placed to tight and restricts the blood flow in the penis. But this effect quickly disappears as soon as you loosen the constriction ring.
  • Painful Hematomas: Many men face this side effect till they get used to the peculiarities of the penis pumps they choose. Also, if you want to avoid disappointing hematomas, you shouldn’t forget about the necessity to strictly stick to the user instructions.
  • Painful Ejaculation: In some men, the pumping devices may provoke painful sensations during the ejaculation. This effect may make the men refuse from using pumps. But in fact, to protect yourself from such a situation, it’s just enough to pick the devices where the constriction rings have small notches.

What to Consider When Choosing Penis Pumps

Now the consciousness of society in general and men in particular is dynamically changing. That’s why penis pumps are no longer perceived as something extraordinary or extravagant. They have already become a customary thing for the daily use of the millions of men from all over the globe.
The increasing number of men starts using pumps to ease the manifestations of erectile dysfunction and enlarge the manhood size. The customer reviews indicate that these devices really work well for solving the mentioned issues.
The growing popularity of penis pumps drew attention of different swindlers who are typically the unfair manufacturers. These scammers understood that they are now sitting on a gold mine. The disreputable manufacturers try to maximize their profits by offering counterfeit devices or cheap but poor quality penis pumps.
Under these circumstances, you will be even a lucky man if you just buy a miserable copy of the famous brand. At the extreme, the device may be dangerous to your intimate health. Thus, it may injure your genitals.
It means that the task of the member pump choice is quite an intricate and responsible one. There are some aspects you should obligatorily take into consideration when choosing a proper manhood device. By doing this, you will not fall a victim to unconscientious manufacturers and prevent injuries.

So, you should consider:

  • Efficacy rate: It is a key specification for each pump since your pumping results directly depend on it.
  • Quality: The device has to be made from durable and safe materials and structural parts which don’t cause skin allergy, irritation or any other unpleasant health reactions.
  • Customer support: The best manufacturing companies always help their customers each time they have any questions or problems with the device use.
  • Customer reviews: The experience of the other users of penis pumps is a valuable source of comprehensive information about the product.
  • Price: The high-quality manhood devices can’t cost too little. It’s advisable to avoid understated prices. But overpricing also doesn’t mean that the pump is really the best one.

Proper Measurements Are a Must

Of course the choice of the most appropriate manhood pump option implies taking into account the information about the manufacturer and the device itself. But when gathering this information, the future users of a particular device often forget that the pump has to ideally fit your member. To make sure that it’s really like this, you have to precisely measure your manhood.
The matter is that the manufacturers make their penis pumps of different sizes to suit the men with different penis measurements. Sometimes, the men choose too large devices. That’s because the men think that the large device will provide them the maximal results. At the same time, the other men are quite careless or inattentive when they pick the device for their member. Anyway, the pump cylinder has to excellently suit the size of your member. This is a sure way to get the effects you expect.
In addition, if you try to select the most suitable devices among the existing penis pumps, it’s better to give preference to the pump with a pressure relief valve. Such a device makes it possible to control pressure to which you expose your penis. The proper control over pressure is very important even if you manage to choose the pump exactly according to your manhood size. Thus, pressure regulation is irreplaceable for the prevention of penile damage during the pumping sessions.

The Uses of Penis Pumps

When the men use penis pumps, they typically pursue the following objectives:

  • Penis Size Increase: These devices are the worthy tools for manhood enlargement without the use of surgical methods. This enlargement method doesn’t imply any invasion. The scientists even carried out a study to show that the pumps really positively change the member measurements. Thus, in 2006, the British Journal of Urology International brought to the public the study findings. The findings demonstrated that the pumping sessions 3 times per week for 6 months enabled the men to improve the manhood measurements. The average member length increase was 0.3 cm.
  • Erectile Function Enhancement: The penis pumps belong to the alternative non-surgical methods which gave evidence to be helpful for the men with inability to have good erections. These devices offer a complementary option which is easy to apply during the pharmaceutical ED treatment. The manhood pumping intensifies blood flow in genitals. Since more blood reaches the member, oxygenation of penile cells also grows. The increased amount of blood and oxygen promotes fuller and bigger erections which enable the men successfully finish a sexual encounter. And in such a way, the pumps help the men combat the issue of weak erections.
  • Greater Sex Drive: Penis pumps ensure quite powerful stimulation of libido in men. A sucking sensation which is a part of pumping substantially promotes the increased sexual arousal. That’s why many customers consider this aspect of the pump use a very pleasant and appealing additional bonus.
  • Peyronie’s Disease Relief: According to the studies, the top-notch penis pumps are not only simply suitable for the users with Peyronie’s disease. These devices are also effective for easing the manifestations of this disease. The men suffering from the mentioned disorder have a curved manhood in the erect state. This lead to the penis reduction in length. Erections also cause pain. Such a state of affairs worsens sex life. But the pumps ensure a trouble-free sexual intercourse for these men and even can lengthen the penis.
  • Rehabilitation after Prostate Surgery: There is a scientific proof that prostate surgery is fraught with the reduction of member measurements in 50% of male patients. However, the penis pumps successfully assist the men in regaining their normal manhood size after surgical invasion.

Bathmate Penis Pumps To Solve Your ED

Bathmate, a type of penis pump that makes it simple and easy to rectify your penis erection problem. This device has been used by over 10 thousands of male sufferers. This device is so elegant in its design and it makes restoration of your erectile problem painless.

Bathmate is designed by experts and the device cleverly utilizes water to be pumped into the erectile tissues to give strength and power to the penis. The penis muscles like any other muscles need physical exercises. This pump is filled with water, and penis is fitted inside the pump and the pump is pressurized to provide a form of exercise to tone and firm up the loose muscles.

Reapply the same procedure when pressure drops. You will feel the penis is getting firmer and stronger as you gradually apply the technique.

By doing the simple procedures above, you may see significant improvement in just a few sessions. The more you exercise it the more your penis will improve and it will even surpass it’s original form.

The return of your self esteem and a renewed you all thanks to the Bathmate.

Guidelines for Penis Pump Users

For the beginners who didn’t get used to the peculiarities of penis pumps the application of such devices may be quite awkward and challenging. However, the more experienced the men become the easier the use of pumps appears to be.
First of all, you have to place the pump tube over the manhood. To facilitate this task, it’s recommended to use lubricant. In such a way, you will be able not to allow irritation and chafing of tender member skin to happen.
After this, you should turn on the pump in case you own the battery-powered device. If you possess the hand-powered device, you should generate vacuum force with your hands. Once the vacuum force reaches the required extent, it makes the manhood blood vessels to widen. Then the blood rushes to the member. It means that only several minutes are needed in order to get the erection of satisfactory force.
If you think that the erection is hard and full enough to start and complete a sexual encounter, then it’s time for the tube removal. So, the use of penis pumps makes foreplay and sexual intercourse possible. And it’s obvious that these devices are not too much complicated and are able to provide the wanted results.

Is a Penis Ring Demanded?

The most of forward-looking penis pumps include a construction ring as one of the important structural elements. You should wear the ring on the member; that is, at its base. The best manufacturers of pumping devices deliver the product kit along with a construction ring which makes the blood remain in the manhood. If the blood doesn’t leak away from the manhood, you can preserve a solid erection.
If the erection hardness suits you, it’s possible to place the constriction ring around the base of member. Then it’s necessary to draw in the pump tube. You may also not to change the placement of the constriction ring for some time. However, the duration of such time has to be no longer than 30 minutes. If you don’t follow this recommendation, the blood flow in the member can substantially worsen. In such a way, you may harm your intimate health. That’s why the application of the constriction ring demands a great caution and a well thought-out approach.

Why It Is Necessary to Consult a Healthcare Practitioner

The men are typically convinced that the penis pumps have nothing in common with the doctors. That’s why they as a rule ignore the necessity to visit a healthcare provider before the purchase and use of the pumping device. But it’s in vain.
You do need to schedule a doctor’s appointment since only in this case you can choose one of the most trustworthy penis pumps and protect yourself against different unpleasant consequences to your health. Once you are grimly determined to become the owner of such a pump, it’s strongly recommended to inform your healthcare practitioner about this. The knowledgeable advice of the doctor will assist you in selecting a truly high-quality pump which is most importantly approved by the FDA.
In case it’s difficult for you to choose a proper store or pharmacy with a worthy selection of the advanced penis pumps, the doctor may also suggest you some proven place for a reliable purchase. The urologists also may advice the pharmacies offering the FDA-approved pumps from the internationally renowned manufacturers. In such a way, you will avoid buying counterfeit products which may negatively affect your sexual health. It means that you will not suffer from the dangerous adverse reactions which the low-quality pumping devices from the dishonest manufacturers provoke.

What Else to Take into Account

If you became the owner of one of the penis pumps, you should know about some possible challenges which may wait for you. Thus, you should consider the following things:

  • Non-Typical Erections: The feelings you experience during pump-caused erections may not be similar to those ones you usually have during the non-stimulated erections. The natural erections are typically solid throughout the entire penis length. But the use of pumps may lead to the situation when the erection at the root of the manhood becomes not as strong as you wish.
  • Lack of Easiness: The men who practice pumping may feel embarrassed about the fact of using such devices. Calmness and patience are important for these men if they want to succeed in pumping. Also, the partners should ensure adequate emotional aid to the men to exclude a sense of shame, relive psychological tension, and promote better pumping efficacy.
  • Needs to Use Hands: The appropriate manual dexterity skills are required for the men who are going to apply the penis pumps. Low manual dexterity, visual problems, degenerative joint disease, and other medical conditions which afflict the performance of your hands can complicate or even make impossible the use of pumping devices. In such case, you will need the help of your partner. Otherwise, you will have to look for the other methods of combating the impairment of erectile function.

Do Penis Pumps Work as Extenders?

Many men confuse the terms such as a penis pump and a penis extender. This happens because the information concerning the nature and mechanism of action of penis pumps is often contradictory. Some dishonest manufacturers, suppliers, and marketing experts claim that the pumping devices can perfectly increase the penis measurements. That is, they try to persuade the customers that the pumps can elongate the manhood.
However, the reality doesn’t coincide with such claims. The scientists and medical experts didn’t conduct studies proving that the pumps truly can work as the manhood extenders and hence enlarge the penis.
You should understand that the use of the pumps for the purposes not specified by the manufacturers can provoke penile tissue damage and hence different injuries. So, you shouldn’t use the pumps for making the member grow because these devices are not intended and actually don’t work for this purpose. Otherwise, the use of such devices may become unsafe.

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