Male Extra Review

Male Extra is an all-natural product aimed at enhancing sexual potency in men.

The manufacturer used the most innovative technologies for the creation of the pill that can restore the men’s erectile function.

This non-prescription natural remedy safeguards both duration and strength of the erections.

The supplement also increases sexual longevity, boosts sex drive, intensifies orgasms, upsurges energy levels, and even enlarges erect penis measurements.

The customers trust this supplement because more than 150,000 users have already benefited from the intake of this natural nitric oxide stimulator and improved their sex life.


How It Works

This natural remedy is developed to help the men regain their ability to naturally attain and sustain strong and full erections. And the duration of these erections meets the men’s requirements.

Male Extra is actually a nitric oxide booster of natural origin. The molecules of nitric oxide occur naturally.

The blood vessels throughout the body, including the penis, can’t normally relax without this compound.

This relaxation means the widening of blood vessels in the manhood. The dilation of blood vessels implies the increased supply of blood to the penis.

The more blood it receives, the more powerful and impressive erections you may experience.

Male enhancement pills make the penis bigger than usual in the erect state.

In addition, the intensification of blood inflow means that the manhood gets a higher amount of nutrients.

The oxygenation of penile tissues substantially improves as well. These factors not only promote the enhancement of erectile function itself.

They enable the men last longer during a sexual encounter, have a higher sex drive, and enjoy more vivid orgasms.


The supplement formula is a blend of the non-synthetic active substances of the most superior quality.

The manufacturer did its best to investigate and confirm the efficacy and safety of these natural compounds.

The product formula is comprised of:


It is an amino acid that belongs to the most important ingredients found in Male Extra because it successfully overcomes male potency troubles.

It is actually a predecessor of a special enzyme which is irreplaceable for the creation of abnormality-free nitric oxide molecules.

When the levels of the latter chemical compound are insufficient, the erectile function in men also suffers.

It means that l-arginine takes part in widening blood vessels in the manhood. Also, the amino acid makes the penile smooth muscles relax.

Both of these conditions are necessary for the high erection solidity.

In addition, the amino acid is notorious for its ability to kindle sexual interest, enhance virile strength, brighten orgasms, and even strengthen reproductive function in men.1

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

The scientists from the University of California and the Male Clinic in Beverly Hills conducted a research which enabled them to claim that pomegranate is a natural equivalent of Viagra.

This fruit itself, as well as pomegranate juice, is extremely rich in pomegranate ellagic acid.

The acid is considered a very powerful nitric oxide activator.

Another study has demonstrated that 47% of the men who regularly drank pomegranate juice reported about the regained satisfactory erections.2

The manufacturer of Male Extra guarantees the availability of pomegranate 40% ellagic acid in its product.

And this component is what makes this supplement a truly authentic remedy. Due to such a substantial amount of this acid, the supplement maximizes nitric oxide levels in the body.

That’s why the product gives a strong boost to blood flow in the manhood and improves oxygenation of penile cells.

As a result, it’s possible to forget about weak erections.


This active substance is in fact organic sulfur which is crucial for the men’s overall health. This ingredient helps the body perform all its functions in the most correct way.

And the urogenital function is not an exception.

The body can’t produce collagen, as well as repair and create new cells without a normal amount of sulfur.

The tissues throughout the body, including the penis, can’t grow and stay healthy without collagen.

That’s why it’s possible to surely affirm that MSM naturally urges the penis to enlarge.

Also, this ingredient is effective for enhancing blood delivery to the penis and other parts of the body, boosting stamina, promoting post-exercising recovery, and restoring well-being.3


This is one of the valuable naturally-occurring amino acids.

It assists the men in fighting the inability to delay ejaculation till the most appropriate time.

This effect is achieved due to the high potential of l-methionine to make histamine levels plummet. The amino acid acts by not allowing histidine to transform into histamine.4

The latter one contributes to the early ejaculations.


The maintenance of adequate testosterone levels and the prevention of testosterone deprivation manifestations are impossible without the sufficient levels of this micronutrient.

That’s why this ingredient is very beneficial when it comes to the optimization of sexual activity which is below the normal range due to the lack of testosterone.

Zinc amount in the body also has a straightforward impact on sperm synthesis. And hence, it is helpful for the male fertility.

In addition, zinc is effective for increasing the frequency of sexual intercourses, as well as for raising libido and virility in men.5


It is an ingredient derived from a unique fungus. This fungus is famous as an aphrodisiac.

According to the recent clinical trials, it fixes the impaired sexual function in men, elevates energy levels, upsurges sexual desire, and stimulates manhood enlargement.

Also, this ingredient promotes the rigidity and fullness of erections due to the much better blood delivery to the genital area.

In addition, sperm quality wins from Cordyceps intake. And this leads to the improvement of sperm motility.6


The second name of this ingredient is vitamin B3.

The vitamin encourages more blood to fill the member and therefore make the erections more powerful and longer-lasting.

This ingredient enhances the work of the cardiovascular system on which the erectile function directly depends.

Vitamin B3 participates in overcoming even moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.7

The Bottom Line

Male Extra belongs to the most forward-looking over-the-counter male enhancement products of natural origin.

It actually serves as an excellent natural nitric oxide booster that acts effectively and most importantly safely.

Male Extra makes erections bigger and helps the men show themselves better in the bedroom.

The manufacturer gathered these top-notch components so that they could successfully distinguish the product formula among the other male enhancers.

Male Extra also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which is a good sign.

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