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Get Your Story Straight

Storytelling for businesses has never been so scrutinised; by the public, by staff, by stakeholders and by the media. The easy access to social media is being used to hold all types of organisation to account and reputations can be […]

Does Your PR Approach Include Active Listening?

Active listening is a technique that is used by counsellors, trainers, and professionals involved in solving disputes or conflicts. Listeners must fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said. It is a powerful skill which can be […]

Print is dead SRF PR Agency

Print Is dead

How many times have we heard that print is old technology and has no future? We still see newspapers at garages and in shops, we still see bookshops open for business and we still see printed promotional items from beer mats to invitations.  Newspapers  Print is not […]

Fit for purpose

Fit for Purpose

How do you know if your chosen agency is going to work out? For most businesses they don’t, and they go to extra-ordinary lengths to try to ensure that after all the proposals, pitching and negotiation, the agency is the […]

Change of Perspective

Change of Perspective

The New Year often gives people the opportunity to review and reflect on their lives.  For businesses the requirement to step back and take a long, hard look at what the organisation is doing is just as important. In smaller […]

Adjusting your perspective

More Than Data

Nearly every marketing course or guide will strongly suggest that any successful campaign needs to understand its audience. Today, there are huge amounts of data to provide insights into any audience and not just broad groups but also into very […]

Not just a sales pitch

Not Just a Sales Pitch

Sales are essential for any business but they are not the only goal when marketing and communicating with stakeholders. Simply chasing sales can be detrimental if not part of a broader, sustainable plan.  When SRF is asked to provide advice […]

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How to Manage Your PR Agency

Optimising relationships in business is a valuable skill and managing a PR Agency to help get the best possible results requires an open and honest approach. Having been managed by many clients for the past three decades, SRF’s creative director, […]

SRF PR Agency transport clients

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

SRF‘s transport pedigree is unrivalled.  We have more experience promoting iconic black London taxis and airport parking brands than any other PR agency.  Our track record with trains stretches back almost two decades, having launched new rolling stock fleets, new […]

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Keeping It Real With PR

  Public Relations is evolving by learning to adapt to the changing habits of audiences but it is still about communicating clearly. Data can power the metrics needed to measure communications activity and now PR agencies can demonstrate their worth – […]