Content Creation

As much as content is a current buzzword, SRF has been creating content for client’s stakeholders for two decades.  From internal communications videos through to infographics about the level of trust involved in the purchase of travel products, we create the idea and follow through to production of the complete project.

When a sheltered housing project was granted permission to convert the world’s first veternary hospital for horses, we knew we had to preserve and promote the history of this trail-blazing building.  The production of a book also presented opportunities for involvement of other interested parties and the royal opening by HRH The Princess Royal, as seen above.

For more examples of how SRF can help with your content please see below:

SRF PR Agency content creation

Creating Content for Clients

Content marketing has become a buzzword for marketing professionals. Definitions vary but it can be considered as a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does […]

SRF PR Agency Corporate storytelling

Corporate Storytelling

It is very likely that storytelling has existed as long as communication. For humans that would have been as early as pre-verbal communication, although many people argue that cave drawings are the first indisputable evidence that people told stories. Obviously, the art of verbal story telling is temporary but likely […]

SRF and Chineham Park

It’s What Inside That Counts

Communications activity for a leading business park like Chineham Park in Basingstoke can be an exciting challenge, encompassing the requirement to convey complex property deals alongside the need to ensure that all employees on the Park are kept up to […]


According to many experts, publishing a blog is good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and adds a regular flow of content to your communication strategy. Identifying topics, researching and then drafting the blog, however, requires the skill and experience of […]

Looking Out for Watchmoor Park

We understand the complex communications requirements of business parks managers and landlords, and with over a decade of experience of working for clients in the commercial property sector, SRF can provide strategic advice and tactical assistance for organisations wishing to […]

Party Time

Last Friday there were parties at both Chineham Park in Basingstoke and Milton Park near Oxford for all the occupiers. We were on hand to capture the fun and there was lots of it – with clowns, candy floss, bungee […]

SRF PR agency content creation

Organic Content Farming

Content farms have been criticised, not least by Google, for producing low quality articles written by authors with no knowledge of their subject. Maybe now is the time for organic story farming – a less intensive process where stories are […]

Chineham Park summer party

Content Helps Engage Community

SRF plans, researches, drafts and uploads stories for many websites including commercial property owners.  Specifically targeted at the companies located in the business parks, these stories reveal the diversity and dynamism of these businesses and their staff whilst reflecting the […]

A Book Fit for Royalty

A property developer was working on a project which involved turning the world’s first hospital for horses into a modern retirement home. Planning was granted with the condition that as much of the original fabric of the buildings could be […]

On Camera

SRF has created engaging videos to tell clients’ stories across a number of markets, including as seen in the above example, commercial property.  To help communicate within, and from, the community at Milton Park, we have developed a successful interview […]