As well as its huge reach, radio can also offer an intimate connection to the listener who maybe listening alone, in their car. PR can work with radio to not simply broadcast messages but start an engaging dialogue through a conversational approach. Spokespeople can be used to talk with the radio presenters and this can seem much more natural than an interview, although radio offers plenty of confrontational opportunities too. Being part of a live broadcast can be daunting for some clients but it provides an opportunity to be authentic and make a direct connection with your audience. 

The influence of radio is also worth considering, with its ability to appeal to different demographics. This also means a wide range of topics and subjects can be discussed. Clients can target news bulletins, participate in phone-in discussions or sponsor the weather. 

Radio stations are now supported by their own websites, giving a further online boost and these sites can be incorporated into competitions and surveys as well giving an obvious visual dimension to the medium.  

Radio is also much less exclusive than TV or print, with the same story from the same spokesperson appearing on different radio stations on the same day. With professional presenters and a strong sense of their own purpose, radio stations have the ability to make their version of your story relevant to their listeners. 

Radio is an excellent way to start a public discussion. SRF has delivered radio campaigns for American Airlines, Gatwick Express and Meteor meet and greet parking. Harnessing the reach of local radio can, with an appropriate campaign, convey your message to millions of listeners.

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