Good photography is about being in the right place at the right time. We brief our photographers and our subjects to make the most of every shoot.

We use press photographers who are skilled at editorial composition, many of them having worked as pictures editors.  At SRF we have organised thousands of photo shoots with hundreds of photographers and the best behaved subject ever was Dippy the Penguin.

Dressing up two of the directors of the longest established wedding website in the country,, when the independent web visits scores (Hitwise & Comscore) published their figures to show is the most visited wedding website, created the fun shot above, as they celebrated.

For more examples of how SRF has used good photography to support their clients’ stories please see below:

SRF PR Agency pr event

Engaging Photography

Capturing authentic images for marketing photography, for websites and other communications activity is becoming more important as consumers start to recognise stock photography, thanks to its generic nature and, in some cases, over use. An American study found that 67% […]

Press photography

Are Your Images Newsworthy?

Looking through the submissions for news photos over the past year and with the imminent arrival of many festively themed images, we thought we should offer some advice on to get the best from your images for your communications activities.  […]

Looking Out for Watchmoor Park

We understand the complex communications requirements of business parks managers and landlords, and with over a decade of experience of working for clients in the commercial property sector, SRF can provide strategic advice and tactical assistance for organisations wishing to […]

Party Time

Last Friday there were parties at both Chineham Park in Basingstoke and Milton Park near Oxford for all the occupiers. We were on hand to capture the fun and there was lots of it – with clowns, candy floss, bungee […]

Food for Thought

It is always useful in any communication to consider the core benefits being conveyed. The on-site café at Milton Park had researched the requirements of its customers and found that they wanted a broader variety of ‘grab and go’ food. […]


SRF was in the pink for much of last month, with major charity initiatives for clients: Stagecoach. The Guildford Park & Ride service was renamed Guildford Pink & Ride with drivers wearing pink wigs and collection tins placed in each […]

Best Way to Bestival

Festivals are great content for media, with colourful characters dressed in fantastic outfits and everyone having fun.  With the Isle of Wight being host to two of the best festivals in the UK, Hovertravel is very much part of this […]

How Do You Pack?

Gatwick Express was keen to promote its role in preparing for a holiday, so SRF organised research into how people pack for their flight. To support the survey results we created a tidy and untidy packing image. This shot was […]

As Fast as F1

Earlier this year a demonstration all-electric car, powered by four YASA Motor engines, was showcased in Birmingham.  With over 850 horsepower, this Lola-Drayson B12/69EV is as fast as a Formula 1 car.  We were given access to the factory where […]