Are Your Images Newsworthy?

Press photography

Looking through the submissions for news photos over the past year and with the imminent arrival of many festively themed images, we thought we should offer some advice on to get the best from your images for your communications activities.  For the purposes of this blog, we have assumed that the value of a good image is understood (although from the evidence, it would appear we should re-iterate some of the basic principles in another post) and focussed our thoughts on how to emphasise the ‘newsworthy’ aspects of your images.

Ready set go

Being in the right place at the right time is a critical skill for a news photographer and one which a PR team needs to appreciate. For launches and planned events where the PR team has some input, you can organise to get your photographer in position. Horizon scanning and some light liaison across your stakeholder groups should provide some insights as to when you might need a photographer.

Briefing your photographer

Give your photographer as much information as you can. Include your own objectives, suggest specific images and detail the formats, etc you need. Cover any restrictions such short time, no logos or personal requirements of the subjects.


Allow your photographer to frame the subject tightly. Not every shot needs a logo or a strategically placed product. Make sure the subject is directly related to the story you are telling and ask yourself what are the key elements of the image? Ensure the final shot conveys your message without distractions.

Apply creativity to images

At SRF we have over three decades of experience of working with all types of photographers. We have art-directed fashion shots with models, choreographed trains against a full moon and managed celebrity egos. We collaborate with photographers to create the best possible image and this means allowing the photographer to apply their skills. Most press photographers will know which photo will be published.

Authenticity in your pictures

For most news stories, faking is simply not an option. Firstly, picture editors and, indeed, most of your social media network, will be able to spot it. Secondly you should not need to create a false image. If it is not genuine ask yourself what that says about your own messaging.

Good Photography

Good photography which represents your organisation in an authentic way is not easy to create. Making newsworthy images of the stories you are trying to tell is even more difficult. The value of a good image, however, is huge and well worth the investment – just look at the engagement metrics for content with and without images. SRF can help you with their proven approach for creating an valuable image library.