Press launches, customer events and staff conferences; SRF has planned and executed many such events.  From venue sourcing through to themed catering and from speech writing to crowd control, SRF can manage every detail , working towards to a success but having a contingency for potential failures.

With attention focussed on the online communication activity, it is easy to underestimate the power of a well-organised event to convey key messages. There are the obvious advantages of showing off or revealing an product or environment, the potential of speeches and even the positive feeling generated in guests from receiving an invitation. 

It is possible to take the guest experience up a level too; by engaging their senses: touch, smell and taste which is simply not feasible in a digital environment. By targeting these, a truly memorable event can be created. Tapping into the online influence should not be ignored, as positive sharing by your guests can also open up your event to a much wider audience. 

SRF organised Heathrow Express’s VIP event at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 (pictured above) giving guests an insight into what is regarded as one of the most successful terminals in the world. 

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