Video has become ubiquitous, thanks to the ease with which smartphones and entry level video cameras can be used to capture high quality footage. SRF has embraced this revolution and produced corporate videos on iPhones as well as using a full camera crew.  Our skills at recording authentic footage from real situations and genuine testimonials from clients’ customers, has received praise from journalists and broadcasters.

SRF’s skill as a story-teller has been used to great effect for clients with many different requirements. Even the obvious testimonial video with one subject requires planning, preparation of the subject and experienced editing to achieve a genuine soundbite which will resonate with the relevant audience. 

We pride ourselves on reflecting a brand’s key messages in all the videos we produce and ensure that an organisation’s purpose remains in focus in the images and audio of the final edit. 

As in the example pictured above: Creating footage for new, more environmentally friendly buses meant not just showing the vehicles in action but also interviewing drivers and passengers for their take on their new journey experience.

For more examples of how SRF can help with your business video needs please see below:

SRF PR Agency video testimonials

Video Testimonials

  With the growth in social media and other online communities as well as independent review sites, consumers are seeking assistance online with purchasing decisions. A digital check is easier and quicker than most off-line alternatives. The trend of conducting […]

SRF PR Agency Video Production

Video for Customer Service

In the highly competitive airport parking market, standing out and being memorable is essential. For many airport parking customers, they may only use an operator two or three times per year, so there can be a long time between bookings. […]

On Camera

SRF has created engaging videos to tell clients’ stories across a number of markets, including as seen in the above example, commercial property.  To help communicate within, and from, the community at Milton Park, we have developed a successful interview […]

SRF PR Agency social media campaigns

Red Nose Day

The 25th anniversary of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day was a busy event for our clients. As Hovertravel‘s PR agency, SRF promoted the fitting of red noses to their hovercraft and their highly successful cake sale to the media. Social […]