Covid-19 Corporate Communications

Communicating In A National Crisis 

March 2020:   COVID-19 has created a crisis like no other. Despite various attempts to draw parallels with either the Spanish flu or the Blitz, the current situation is unique. Hundreds of  millions of people on the planet have restrictions on their freedom and there […]

Business awards

Finding Your Award Winners 

February 2020: We have written about why to enter awards, explaining that there is a multitude of PR benefits to enjoyed from both entering and sponsoring awards. Now we are going to focus on what we think makes a winning entry. As professional advisors we are providing the best […]

The Power Of A Good Quote

December 2019: Press articles often include direct quotes from the people involved in the story; sometimes because the journalist has interviewed that person or the PR supplied the quotes along with the press release. Quotes bring another dimension to the […]

Print is dead SRF PR Agency

Press Coverage Can Be Valuable

November 2019:   We are living in era when trust is in crisis. Politicians, government institutions, even professions such as doctors and the law (both the police and the justice system itself) are less trusted than ever before. The media, which has […]

SRF PR Agency Corporate storytelling

Get Your Story Straight

October 2019:  Storytelling for businesses has never been so scrutinised; by the public, by staff, by stakeholders and by the media. The easy access to social media is being used to hold all types of organisation to account and reputations […]

Does Your PR Approach Include Active Listening?

September 2019: Active listening is a technique that is used by counsellors, trainers, and professionals involved in solving disputes or conflicts. Listeners must fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said. It is a powerful skill which […]

Corporate empathy

Corporate Empathy

August 2019: Earlier this year Radio 4 ran a programme about empathy, using extracts from high profile speakers such as Barack Obama who coined the phrase ‘empathy deficit’ and Apple’s Tim Cook who said “People will try to convince you […]

Winning business awards

Winning Business Awards

July 2019:  There are awards schemes for every industry and for every region. Some focus on trade relationships and others invite the public to be involved. There are awards which are judged by experts and awards which are voted on […]

Local media planning with SRF

Local Media Still Vital

June 2019: The launch of an industry body which provides de-duplicated audience data for local media titles across newspapers, websites and mobile offerings earlier this month helped give credibility to what most professional communicators already knew instinctively. Local news is still influential.   Regional […]

PR agency

Community Engagement

May 2019: For many businesses, even in today’s globally connected, online world, a sense of place is intrinsically linked to their brand.  Obviously, brands such as hotels, restaurants, business parks and tourism products services sell their themselves as destinations, but other businesses can also find value and purpose by being part of […]