Best Penis Enlargement Pills of 2020

best penis enlargement pills

Best penis enlargement pills managed to become the irreplaceable remedies for the millions of men.

These men can’t already imagine their lives without the supplements which assist them in supporting sexual potency at the high level and getting bigger and harder erections.

Male enhancement pills also have a positive impact on all spheres of the men’s sex life.

Let’s look through the list of top penis enlargement pills and find out which peculiarities they have.

Male Enhancement Pills Money Back Editor’s Rating Pricing
60 Days 9,1/10
67 Days 8,9/10
67 Days 8,0/10



#1 Male Extra

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Male Extra belongs to the penis enlargement pills with exclusive formula of natural origin.

For more than 10 years of presence on sale, the supplement earned the reputation of reliable and effective penis enlargement pills.

The active ingredients:

  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid
  • Cordyceps
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

The supplement promotes bigger and harder erections, increases sexual desire, and stamina.

Male Extra also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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#2 VigRX Plus

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What makes women go wild?

What does it take to make men feeling totally confident?

What does it take to make both sexes satisfied on a bed?

Well, we often heard that the strength, duration, and size of the man’s erection have a significant impact on all the questions above.

If you are concerned about the matters above, the medical field had designed a remedy that can effectively and safely address the problems concerned.

Since it’s inception in the year 2000, VigRX male enhancement supplements had gone through a transformation to become even more powerful.

It has become even more effective as men seek out to fulfill their sexual urges.

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#3 ProSolution

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ProSolution is the third pick in our list of the top-notch penis enlargement pills able to favorably change the men’s sex life.

A decade-long track record and numerous gratifying customer reviews give evidence of this supplement’s high potential to enhance sexual potency in men.

The intake of this supplement contributes to the improvement of erection firmness and hardness.

It’s an over-the-counter product endorsed by the medical experts. The clinical trials support its efficacy and harmlessness.

For 60 days, you can count on the refund policy.

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#4 VigFX

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The range of penis enlargement pills which give the most promising results is not complete without VigFX.

VigFX has one distinctive and significant feature, which is 80-90% bioavailability of the product.

The supplement encourages penile blood supply and hence revives erection solidness and longevity.

Also, it facilitates penetration, copes with low libido, increases the number of orgasms, and fixes bedroom satisfaction.

VigFX is a good male enhancement supplement but no as good as VigRX Plus.

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#5 ExtenZe

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More and more men today are seeking better sex and more intense orgasms.

Men are realizing that they can demand more for themselves, even in the sexual arena.

Better sex is often an issue that causes problems within relationships because one or both partners are dissatisfied with the frequency and quality of sex and orgasm.

When this difficulty is removed, through ExtenZe for men; better sex is the apparent outcome.

With more frequent and better sex, you’ll notice the difference not only in your orgasms and sex-drive but also in other areas of life.

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Criteria for Choosing the Most Advanced Penis Enlargement Pills

penis pillsThe choice of the rightest penis enlargement pills is hugely complicated by the fact that there are a considerable number of such supplements on sale. And all of them are advertised as the best male remedies. But how is it possible to understand which ones of these products are worth your attention?

It’s necessary to familiarize yourself with a range of criteria you should consider choosing a beneficial supplement able to comply with your requirements. These criteria are as follows:


Good performance of manhood enlarging products implies their ability not just to have a favorable influence on your erect penis size, but also give a boost to erection firmness and duration, upraise sex drive, revive stamina and endurance, and fix sexual performance issues.

If an appropriate supplement does this, it means it performs truly well.

Promptness of Effects

The time you need to wait before you start experiencing the desired effects is different for different all-natural penis enlargement pills. But there is a common feature for such pills.

Thus, they can’t provide immediate effects.

That’s because the natural components available in these supplements work gradually, not like prescription synthetic ingredients. If someone tries to convince you that the natural manhood increase supplement will give you results promptly, you should realize that this is not consistent with reality.

Product Formula

The supplements claimed to increase the manhood size should be comprised of natural active substances only. You should find only herbal extracts and powders, vitamins, micronutrients, and other natural components.

Such supplements shouldn’t contain any artificial ingredients. It’s also necessary to pay attention to the dosages of the available ingredients since they have a great impact on product efficacy.


Safety is the first thing you should take care of when you are going to purchase penis enlargement pills of non-artificial origin. To choose a safe product, you should find a trustworthy, well-reputed brand.

Reliable manufacturers use GMP approved facilities, which safeguard the customers’ safety and health.

Also, you should check whether the ingredients present in the supplement are not in the list of the ingredients not recommended by the FDA. Never purchase the manhood pill from unknown manufacturers and suppliers.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is always an indicator that tells whether it’s worth dealing with a particular manufacturer. The best manufacturers of natural member enlargers offer the top-quality customer support not only at the pre-sale stage but also after you make a purchase.

Thus, post-sale support is even more critical for customers. So, when choosing a male enhancer, be sure you will receive adequate support and quick answers to your questions.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a source of valuable and comprehensive information about penis enlargement pills. This information is crucial because it reflects the experience of men who have already tried these pills.

When you get acquainted with this experience, you can avoid disappointment and derive the most out of supplementation. That’s why it will be in your best interest to read as much customer feedback as possible before you buy a particular supplement.

Money Back Guarantee

Trustworthy manufacturers of the supplements aimed to enlarge manhood measurements want to demonstrate the commitment to the protection of their customers’ rights and interests, especially the money interests.

For this purpose, these manufacturers offer money-back guarantees to their clients.

You should select only those penis enlargement pills which offer a refund policy which is beneficial for the customers.


It’s recommended to compare the prices for the male supplements before you finally decide to make a purchase. It’s not worth choosing the overpriced pills. However, you should also understand that top-notch products can’t be too cheap. If the price for the supplement is meager, you shouldn’t expect that you will get a high-quality pill. Moreover, such a pill may even be dangerous to your health. So, it’s advisable to select reasonably priced products or even better multi-purchase deals.

How Penis Enlargement Pills Influence Ejaculation

penis growth pillsVery often, premature ejaculation keeps the men on the alert on equal basis with erectile dysfunction.

Since the ejaculation problems concern too many men, this state of affairs couldn’t leave the manufacturers of penis supplements indifferent.

The all-natural male pills of superior quality are developed in a way, enabling them to increase ejaculatory volume and regulate the ejaculation process itself.

Acting like sperm volumizers, member enlargement supplements also help the men reach substantially brighter orgasms.

Furthermore, these supplements boost ejaculation powerfulness, giving unforgettable sexual experience to both you and your partner.

The best-working penis pills also allow you to last in bed as long as you desire. It means that you will regain an ability to exercise control over your ejaculation. Thus, you will be able to ejaculate when you decide, making your sexual encounter highly pleasurable not only for you but also for your partner.

The most effective manhood enlarging products will allow you to continue sexual intercourse for no less than half an hour.

At the same time, your erection will be hard and full for from the beginning and till the end of a sexual encounter.

So, you will tackle the issue of early ejaculation. Thanks to the most advanced penis enlargement pills you will forget about this and will be back in rotation, making your partner happy and satisfied.

What Penis Enlargement Pills Are

The name of penis enlargement pills made of natural ingredients, in fact, became a household word for the men who want to breathe a new life into their sexual experience and sensitivity.

These pills are the supplements which give a boost to male sexual potency and naturally enlarge the penis measurements.

These products target not only erection quality and manhood dimensions, but also improve many other aspects of sexuality and enhance overall bedroom performance.

There is one essential peculiarity which distinguishes the manhood enlarging supplements from the prescriptions medications. And this distinctive feature is naturalness.

It means that you will not find synthetic ingredients in these supplements. Thus, herbal extracts and powders along with the other natural substances, fill the penis pills.

So, if you prefer to rely on the power of artificial ingredients, all-natural member increasing pills are not for you.

Natural male enhancement pills are an effective and safe alternative to synthetic drugs.

Ingredient Content of Penis Enlargement Pills

The way how the components which fill these remedies fully determine penis enlargement pills of natural origin work.

The manhood enlargement remedies are the all-natural ones.

There are no ingredients synthesized in the labs in the formulas of such pills.

Instead, such products consist of the ingredients created by nature.

Each pill claimed to change the member dimensions differs by the ingredient content. But anyway, the manufacturers use a range of the most common natural components in their products.

Tribulus Terrestris

The traditional healers from the very ancient times used male enhancing properties of this Mediterranean plant.

That’s why the Ayurvedic practice has always been relying on the useful qualities of this herb. In particular, it served and now serves as an aphrodisiac.

Also, this herb is an energy lifter, sexual endurance and stamina enhancer, and testosterone stimulator.

Asian Red Ginseng

This herb which originated in Asia has numerous health benefits. One of the greatest advantages offered by this ingredient found in many penis enlargement pills is the improvement of sexual health.

This ingredient helps the men perform in the bedroom much better. It revives sexual interest in men, makes stamina and virile strength grow, and, most importantly, has a positive impact on the member measurements.

Also, this plant has the ability to refine spermatogenesis. It also strengthens the overall health.


Cordyceps is a one-of-a-kind fungus that was initially traditionally harvested in Tibet and later in China.

It has unique properties that were highly appreciated by the doctors in all the times.

The fungus is helpful for the elimination of sexual problems in men.

That’s why it’s a common component for a wide range of penis enlargement pills.

The latest studies have also proven that the fungus restores sexual desire, encourages a higher amount of blood to flow into the manhood. It also increases virile strength, intensifies stamina, and even promotes testosterone synthesis.

Mucuna Pruriens

The popular penis enlargement pills often contain this component. The matter is that the extract of this plant is rich in levodopa.

This substance of organic origin is required for dopamine secretion.

Due to this, the plant aids in preventing mood swings and overcoming depression.

Also, the ingredient has an evidence-based ability to give a boost to virile strength, stamina, and libido. Also, the scientists found out that the plant increases erection longevity and successfully deals with the issue of premature ejaculation.


Pomegranate is just loaded with a wide spectrum of antioxidants, micronutrients, and vitamins.

As a result, all the vital organs and systems substantially benefit from pomegranate consumption.

The most outstanding effect of pomegranate is the recharge of the cardiovascular system. Because of this, blood virtually runs up through the man’s body in general and the manhood in particular.

Pomegranate makes body synthesize more nitric oxide which is irreplaceable for harder erections.

Some of the cutting-edge penis enlargement pills even have pomegranate ellagic acid in their formulas.

And this component is a real godsend for the manufacturers who eager to turn their supplements into super powerful male boosters.

Ginkgo Biloba

The manufacturers of penis enlargement pills like to include this plant to their products because this ingredient is a highly potent tool for causing steely erections. In traditional medicine, this herb was always used to cure male intimate problems.

When enhancing microcirculation in the manhood, this natural component contributes to the occurrence of rock-hard erections.

Moreover, the member size in the erect state also enlarges.

Under the influence of ginkgo biloba the manhood becomes much more sensitive, while sexual encounter brings more pleasure.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

The history of Epimedium leaf used for healing people goes back millennia.

And the new penis enlargement pills are not an exception.

That’s because the doctors always knew that this plant is an effective natural instrument for strengthening the male reproductive function and regaining sexual arousal.

Also, this ingredient makes the men feel more energized and normalizes testosterone production in the body. These effects are possible because the leaf extract decreases cortisol levels.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Better Than the Prescription Ones?

male enhancement pillsMore and more often, over-the-counter non-artificial penis enlargement pills supersede synthetic prescription medications.

There is no wonder because now the men understand undeniable upsides offered by the natural remedies.

As for the prescription drugs, their primary and frankly speaking a single advantage is their immediacy of action. They promote the emergence of strong and firm erections in almost no time.

However, these drugs have no other influence on sex life and overall health in men.

But the natural manhood enlargers trigger all the mechanisms which are responsible for both member increase and enhancement of sexual activity. All the effects are smooth and harmless.

The natural remedies revive the men’s ability to attain and sustain satisfactory erections due to the normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Since more blood reaches the penis, the erections become much better and even exceed your expectations. And this is not the last advantage.

The best natural penis enlargement pills can help the men enjoy sex drive again, make orgasms more powerful and impressive.

These supplements help recharge stamina, virility, and endurance, cope with apathy and loginess, and improve sperm characteristics.

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Whom Penis Enlargement Pills Are Meant for

The manhood enlargement supplements were created specifically for the men who think their penis size could be bigger, erections harder, and sex drives higher.

At the same time, these men don’t consider the options such as the use of penis extenders or the possibility of surgeries.

On the contrary, these men seek a natural solution to the problem.

And this natural way out shouldn’t negatively affect the man’s health.

It will contribute to the member size gains, take care of erection duration and firmness, cope with lack of sexual interest, and enhance sexual feelings.

And the non-artificial pills for member enlargement meet these demands.

The supplements are for the men who are no younger than 18 years old.

Contraindications to the Use of Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills may show no efficacy if taken by the men who have reproductive dysfunction, penile injuries, or severe penile curvature.

Though such pills are natural, you should display vigilance in case of curing cardiovascular diseases with nitrate drugs.

That’s because these supplements have in their fromulas herbal components which may interact with nitrates and hence cause health problems in men.

Kidney disorders, especially those accompanied by dialysis, as well as severe liver disorders, make it impossible to use sexuality and size enhancing male pills.

If your prostate is more significant than necessary and therefore, it requires pharmaceutical treatment, the penis supplements are not for you as well.

You should check your health and be sure that you don’t have any diseases before you start taking the penis size enhancers.

Do You Actually Need Penis Enlargement?

The desire of men to have a large penis is quite natural.

Thus, nature created the men in a way, urging them to confirm their dominance and assert themselves always.

And actually, what can be a greater manifestation of masculinity than big manhood!

Searching for the method to get such a member, the men rely on penis enlargement pills and even much more drastic measures.

But the men tend to exaggerate the penis measurements.

That’s why they have inflated expectations.

natural male enhancement supplementsHowever, many men don’t even know which penis is considered an average one. Let’s see what the study tells on this particular subject.

There was a study conducted in 2014 that involved more than 15,000 male participants. The penises of all men were measured, and it was finally found out that:

The average manhood in the flaccid state had the following measurements: 3.61 inches in length and 3.66 inches in circumference.

The average manhood in the erect state had the following measurements: 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 inches in circumference.

And even a slightly shorter and thinner penis doesn’t indicate that you have a problem and should mandatorily enlarge your member.

Even if you are still dissatisfied with your intimate dimensions, it’s better to use reliable, high-quality penis enlargement pills than practice unsafe methods.

Penis Enlargement Risks

If the supplementation with penis enlargement pills is not enough, you should evaluate all arguments before using the other options.

Thus, if you aspire to undergo surgery to make your penis longer and thicker, you should understand that the likelihood of side effects is very high.

The most widespread side effects which you may experience include swelling, inflammation, infection, and impaired erectile function.

Even fatal complications are possible.


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